Check out the calendar below for exciting training opportunities in July...including MAN CAMP on July 11!


We are also offering one-on-one training at $45/hr for an individual or $75 for a couple. Email to get set up with the instructor of your choice. Click on the "Instructor Bios" menu selection above to decide who you would like to work with!


So you want to be a TRAINER? Join us & the USCCA!


Our TWO amazing USCCA Instructor classes (previously scheduled for JUNE), have been MOVED to SEPTEMBER.  If  you've ever wanted to push your tactical handgun skills to a new level -- and become an instructor -- here's your chance!
The first is the
USCCA's Concealed Carry and Home Defense class (Sept. 26 & 27). You've never taken a Concealed Carry Instructor's class like this one -- or learned from a nationally-known instructor like Matt Mallory! Find out more and sign up here:

THEN -- take your instructing and your training to a new level with the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Instructor Development class (Sept 28, 29 & 30). This 3-day class will prepare you to teach intuitive defensive skills, sighted and unsighted fire, lateral movements, home defense and more. Register here: .
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Frequently Asked Question:

Q. Just got my CCW license. Do I need more training?

A. Short answer: YES! You've only scratched the surface. Poking holes in targets is a far cry from defensive shooting. Learn how YOU and your equipment react under pressure. Learn it on the range under expert instruction...NOT in a street fight for your life! Check the calendar class descriptions below and the syllabus for your next steps. Classes like "Precision Pistol Marksmanship," "Realistic Self Defense," "Defensive Pistol Fundamentals," and more are great options!  

The STEP initiative is a program of the
National Association of Chiefs of Police at The Shooting Center.

Our training builds your confidence, competence, situational awareness
and inner strength. Our instructors are trained to "meet you where you are" in terms of skill and experience. Check out our
syllabus and decide which classes work for you. Or contact us at to discuss which instructor or training level is best for you. 


Safety Training
Education Program

Want to ask an instructor about their class? Click HERE for all instructor bios/emails

Our NEW calendar includes BOTH STEP (civilian) classes and LEEP (law enforcement) classes, as well as Museum-related events or activities. All GREEN BOX classes are for law enforcement ONLY. All BLUE BOX classes are civilian/general public. Law Enforcement is encouraged to take Blue Box classes, as well (please inquire about LEO discounts.)

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