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NACOP Mission

To honor and serve law enforcement through compassionate family programs, professional support, & advanced training opportunities; and to forge stronger, more empathetic relationships between law enforcement and the communities/individuals it serves, while promoting the importance of public safety awareness and education to civilian audiences nationwide.”



Family Fund for Paralyzed & Disabled Officers – “compassionate family programs” Click HERE for more detail.

Annual Survey – “professional support” - for information, email PeterC@aphf.org.

Chief of Police Magazine – “professional support” - email PeterC@aphf.org.

K9 Placement – “professional support.” Click HERE for more information.


LEEP – “advanced training opportunities”


American Police Hall of Fame & Museum – “building stronger, more empathetic relationships.” www.aphf.org


United States Law Enforcement Eternal Flame - "building stronger, more empathetic relationships." Currently in development; Sponsorships and partnerships available. Click HERE to find out more.


Memorial(s) and programs – “building stronger, more empathetic relationships”


LEEP – “law enforcement education program” Click HERE for details.


Museum Education Program/21st Century Crime Lab – “public safety awareness and education”

CALL US: 321-264-0911